Covert Operations: Swiss Agency Targets Basque Country in UAE-Backed Smear Campaign

In a shocking revelation, the media consortium EIC has exposed the covert activities of the Alp detective agency, hired by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to tarnish the reputation of the Basque Government and the Ertzaintza. The orchestrated campaign, funded by the UAE, and its attempt to link the Basque Country with radical Islamism. The investigation sheds light on the strategies employed by the Swiss agency and the questionable sources used to fabricate connections between the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, and the Basque region.

Alp Services and the UAE’s Agenda: Targeting Basque Government and Ertzaintza

Alp Services, a Swiss detective agency, undertook a project titled “Arnica” commissioned by a UAE intelligence agent named Matar. Their objective was to gather evidence linking Qatar to the financing of terrorist organizations in Europe, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. Alp Services implicated the Basque Government and the Ertzaintza in their report, raising suspicions about their collaboration with the Muslim community.

Exploiting Political Climate and Tragic Events

The timing of the operation coincided with the 2017 boycott imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt. Taking advantage of the situation, Alp Services sought to establish connections between the Muslim Brotherhood, Basque nationalism, and recent tragic events such as the terrorist attacks in Barcelona.

Fabricated Reports and Dubious Sources: Swiss Detectives’ Approach in Spain

Alp Services prepared several case studies on the Muslim Brotherhood in Spain, with a particular focus on the Basque Country. They used sources such as a London-based business intelligence firm and references to Spanish intelligence services, including the National Intelligence Center (CNI) and the Civil Guard Information Service (SIGC).

Flawed Connections and Misleading Claims

The reports presented by Alp Services attempted to draw parallels between the Muslim Brotherhood and ETA, the former Basque separatist group. However, the evidence provided was weak, relying on traffic tickets and minor grants. The agency used blogs with extreme right-wing leanings and questionable news sources to support their claims, while omitting relevant information about the financial support from other Gulf countries.

Manipulating Public Opinion: Spreading Misinformation and Distorted Narratives

Alp Services intensified their efforts to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as a growing threat in the Basque Country. They highlighted the opening of new Islamic centers, meetings between Basque officials and Muslim representatives, and the presence of Salafists in the region. Their goal was to create a perception of increased radicalization and link it to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Comparison to Mafia and Economic Considerations

The agency resorted to extreme rhetoric, likening the Muslim Brotherhood to the mafia. They also delved into economic aspects, highlighting the market for halal products and criticizing halal banking practices. Their reports sought to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as a dangerous and influential organization with a hidden agenda.

The exposure of Alp Services’ activities reveals the extent to which intelligence agencies can be utilized for political purposes. The UAE-backed smear campaign targeting the Basque Government and the Ertzaintza aimed to create a false narrative linking the Muslim Brotherhood to terrorism in the region. The investigation underscores the importance of critically evaluating sources and verifying information, as well as the need for transparency and accountability in intelligence operations.


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