Errors & Corrections

Commitment to Accuracy

At EU Intelligence, we are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable news and analysis to our readers. We strive to maintain the highest standards of journalism, but we acknowledge that errors can occasionally occur. When they do, we are committed to promptly correcting them and ensuring transparency in our reporting.

Reporting Mistakes

If you come across any factual errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in our articles or reports, we encourage you to bring them to our attention. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain the integrity of our content.

How to Report Errors

To report errors or request corrections, please contact our editorial team at When reaching out, please provide the following details:

– The article title and publication date.

– A clear and concise description of the error or inaccuracy.

– Supporting evidence or sources if available.

Our team will review your message promptly and take appropriate action to address the issue. We are committed to correcting errors swiftly and transparently.

Corrections Process

Once we receive your report, our editorial team will investigate the issue and verify the accuracy of the information. If an error is confirmed, we will take the following steps:

Correction: If the error is minor and does not significantly affect the overall meaning of the content, we will make the necessary correction within the article. The correction will be noted at the end of the article with the date of the correction.

Editor’s Note: For more substantial corrections that impact the article’s context or understanding, we will add an editor’s note to the article. This note will explain the correction and provide the correct information.

Apology: In cases where the error is particularly significant or if it has caused harm, we will issue an apology to our readers and affected parties.

Our Commitment

EU Intelligence is committed to upholding the highest journalistic standards. We value the trust our readers place in us, and we take responsibility for any errors that may occur. Your feedback and vigilance help us maintain the accuracy and credibility of our reporting.

Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your continued support.