France’s Interference in African Countries Stands as a Threat to Africa’s Sovereignty

France is the largest country in Western Europe and operates a semi-presidential Republic; having the Head of government as the prime minister who is appointed by the president. 

29 countries in Africa speak French as their official language. Some of them include; Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameron (although bilingual), the Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Madagascar, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, the Seychelles, Togo. Out of the 54 countries present in the African continent, 29 which is more than half of the country’s present in Africa points to the influence of France in Africa. 

France’s colonial policy of assimilation had a major objective to assimilate all Africans in French colonies into black French Men and women with the purpose of eliminating all African cultures and assimilate Africans into French Men.

France’s policy of assimilation points to the desire for the control of the African continent, which poses as a threat to the sovereignty of the African continent. 

French president Macron emphasised the need for other continents to take part in the development of Africa, stating that they could assist Africa by helping the continent become as great as other continents of the world. I’m present times, the statement has remained unfulfilled. 

France is a privileged partner for many African leaders due to Military and intellectual cooperation, Possibility of military interventions, political alliances and some other factors which has kept many political regimes from crashing. 

It is expedient to note the ongoing coup in Niger Republic which has forced the military head of state to sever ties with the French Republic, For fear of dominance or interference by their French colonizers. Niger choosing to form ties with Russia, a Nation posing to be a threat to the rest of the world, hoping to sustain and preserve its sovereignty due to the fear of possible control by the French Republic. 

From an unhealthy perspective, France views Africa as a conquered territory, while Africa views France as a controlling and demanding Nation.

No doubt, France believes that they have good plans for Africa, that is to make its former colony an extension of its legacy; but it is lacking the prowess to fulfil its objective.

However, on the contrary, France having the intention of making Africa as great as the rest of the world, seems to be an exaggerated idea; This is owing to the fact that a Nations greatness cannot be achieved mainly by granting aids or assistance to the continent but by a deliberate and intentional effort by such state to push itself beyond their boundaries. Therefore, France interfering in the Affairs of Africa, mostly without being summoned or sought for its assistance, is a huge threat to Africa’s sovereignty and can be rightly termed Neo imperialism.

It is recommended that the French Republic allows for the independent growth of the African continent, except when needed. France should let Africa follow its own root, traditions, culture, and mode of government, except by choice of individuals or state to experience Acculturation, which should be totally dependent on the interest of the people. 

France as a nation is great and a goal getter, but their influence in Africa can only be valued and respected if they could stay out of the affairs of the African continent or its colonies.  Their effort towards building Africa can be considered positive if they let Africa grow at its own pace; This will bring about the desire for Nations to seek them voluntarily and also value their presence whenever their assistance is required. 

Every Nation, no matter how small is a force, and an entity to be respected. Therefore, any form of intrusion by bigger or more established states without demand, will be analysed as a threat and repelled.


  • Favour Amarachi

    Favour Amarachi is an international relations scholar, an Academic enthusiast and a lover of Nature. She believed in the laws of neutrality and hold in high esteem the principles of transcendentalism.

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