Majed Sheikh Al-Ard: Syrian Tycoon Behind Eli Cohen’s Infiltration

Majed Sheikh al-Ard, a wealthy Syrian businessman from Damascus, found himself unwittingly embroiled in a covert espionage operation involving the Israeli spy, Eli Cohen. This article delves into the life of Majed Sheikh al-Ard, his entrepreneurial ventures, shedding light on the events that led to his involvement and tragic demise within the political intrigue of the early 1960s.

Early Life and Success

Majed Sheikh al-Ard was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, and quickly climbed the ladder of success as a landowner. His affluence allowed him to indulge in a lavish lifestyle, characterized by expensive cars, jewelry, and fine wines. His opulent life took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy sent by the Mossad intelligence agency.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Majed Sheikh Al-Ard began his entrepreneurial journey by founding several successful business ventures, showcasing his prowess in various industries. From technology and healthcare to real estate and finance, his ventures have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and economic growth.

  1. Technology Industry: One of Majed’s notable forays is in the technology sector, where he founded a company that focused on developing cutting-edge software solutions. His venture was at the forefront of technological advancements, providing businesses with state-of-the-art tools to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
  2. Healthcare Initiatives: Majed Sheikh Al-Ard also demonstrated a commitment to healthcare by investing in and supporting initiatives aimed at improving healthcare accessibility and quality in Syria. He played a significant role in establishing medical facilities, contributing to the well-being of the community.
  3. Real Estate and Infrastructure: Recognizing the importance of infrastructure development, Majed invested in the real estate sector, working on projects that aimed to improve urban living and drive economic growth. His initiatives played a vital role in shaping the landscape of Syria.

The Encounter with Eli Cohen

In 1962, Eli Cohen, posing as a Syrian-Argentine businessman, introduced himself to al-Ard aboard a yacht headed for Beirut, Lebanon. Their camaraderie was fueled by a shared appreciation for luxury and the finer things in life. Al-Ard, initially apprehensive about Cohen’s open discussion of politics, was eventually put at ease through their mutual interests.

As their friendship deepened, al-Ard unknowingly assisted Cohen in acquiring an apartment in Damascus and became a shareholder in Cohen’s company, Thaabet Import-Export. Their bond grew stronger, seemingly founded on shared values and a passion for extravagance.

The Unraveling of Espionage

However, the idyllic friendship came crashing down in 1965 when Eli Cohen’s true identity as an Israeli spy was exposed. The Syrian government, under President Amin al-Hafiz, swiftly apprehended al-Ard and other associates of Cohen. Al-Ard was sentenced to life imprisonment for his association with the spy.

Tragic End

Al-Ard’s fate took a dark turn as he found himself imprisoned in Palmyra. Struggling under the weight of the espionage charges and the ensuing life sentence, al-Ard tragically took his own life within the confines of his prison cell.

Last Words

Majed Sheikh al-Ard’s story is one of tragic entanglement in a web of espionage, involving a friendship that took an unforeseen and devastating turn. His life, initially marked by success and opulence, ultimately met a sorrowful end as he became unwittingly linked to one of the most high-profile spy operations of the 20th century. This narrative serves as a somber reminder of the unforeseen consequences of unexpected acquaintances and entanglements in the world of espionage.


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