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Are you passionate about covering the European Union and its intricate relations with the world? Do you have a knack for analytical thinking and the ability to provide insights into EU-centric affairs? If so, EU Intelligence welcomes you to share your voice and expertise with our esteemed readers.

News Coverage

For news reporting, we focus on events and developments directly tied to the European Union. If you’re reporting on a non-EU country, ensure its relevance to the EU. Citations and quotations are vital to substantiate your stories, providing our readers with credible and reliable information. If the piece is news, please make it clear by writing “News” in the subject line of your email.


Our analysis pieces center around EU-centric themes, even when analyzing third-party countries. We value unbiased analyses supported by credible references, whether it’s a tweet, a link to a source website, or a video from a reputable news agency. Clearly indicate if your submission is an analysis by writing “Analysis” in the subject line of your email.

General Writing Guidelines

1. Aim for uniqueness and originality in your reporting and analysis.

2. You can write in either British English or American English.

3. Keep paragraphs concise, typically 2-3 sentences each.

4. Ensure grammatical accuracy in your submissions.

5. Hyperlink any source references directly in the text.

6. If referencing a tweet, place the tweet link in brackets.

Submission Process

To get started, we’ll need the following from you:

1. Headshot Image: A high-definition headshot image of yourself.

2. Bio: A brief 2-3 line bio introducing yourself.

For anonymity, please refrain from providing the above information.

Email your content and required details to info@euintelligence.com.

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EU Intelligence believes in fostering a community of insightful contributors who can offer diverse perspectives on EU-related matters. Join us in providing our readers with accurate, informed, and engaging content. We look forward to having you as part of our dedicated team.